City of Mesa Communications Division

Here are some photos from when I used to work for the City of Mesa.
There are lots of will take a bit to load all of them.
Brian Keast in the workbay.
Freddie Miramon
Dick Wiley on The Tower
Ed Pickett
Chris King and Richard Delgado
Mike Diffenbaugh
Steve Benoche on Wolfswinkle bldg.
Unique antenna mount
Roger Jaworski
Richard Delgado and Ed Pickett
Roger Jaworski on tower
Randy Coakley working on fire truck
My bench in 1983
Installing antennas on Bellview tank
Dick Wiley on The Tower
Ed at workbench
Big B in 1985
Bill Bailey
Roger in the old voter room
Smilin' Dick Wiley
Mike Diffenbaugh
Ed Pickett at the Falcon Field shop
Les Jones
Bob Frey
Pete Adams
Joe Noble
John Albin and Ed Pickett
Dick Wiley on top of tower on Bellview tank
Randy Coakley at Bellview tank
Roger installing microwave dish
John Albin and Bob Gates
The tower at MCC
Myself, Roger and Dick on The Tower
Dave Gorevin and Tom Bradford
Roger at tower climbing class
Dick Wiley and the "new" communications building
The new Tower
Richard Delgado and Roger Jaworski
"We're Number One!"
Tower rescue training
Myself at Falcon tank
More tower rescue training
Big B in the Bay

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